Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's a WRAP!

AND, it's reversible.

New!!!! for older teens and women - wrap skirts! One pattern on one side, either solid or patterned on the other with coordinating waist and hem. Each skirt has full coverage when sitting, none of this gap stuff... I have children. They climb on me. I don't need the world to see what I've got under my skirt, and I venture to guess you feel the same way!

These divine skirts will sell for $60. That's TWO skirts in one! All I need is a waist measurement and a hip measurement and a waist to knee measurement. The beauty of THAT is I don't tell secrets on what your measurements really are, and this skirt can be adjusted if you lose (or gain) weight!

To place an order, send an e-mail to me at These skirts take 5 business days to make; including hang time to ensure an even and equal hem. Skirts to match for daughters can also be ordered; specify if you want a twirly swirly skirt or a wrap.

Orders taken NOW for Valentines day!

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