Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pick a Random Prize Winner

It's "Pick a Random Prize Winner Month!" Merry Christmas, to YOU!

Three ways to win:
1. Become a follower on the blog.
2. Become a fan on facebook.
3. Do either one or two, and PLACE AN ORDER! (Placing an order gets you three chances to win...)

Our first winner was Christy W. from Alaska! She won an Exploding Photo Box (not pictured or offered for sale).

There are two other winners, but they won't be announced until after Christmas to protect "Santa"...

So... fun prizes, fun things to win!

ALSO: Be the 100th follower, and win a prize! Both HERE and on Facebook! Two chances to win there...

It's beginning to get closer to Christmas - to ensure Christmas delivery, the final day to order without a rush (there is an additional fee for rushing things), is December 10th. (That's two days, people...)

Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 25, 2011

until noon only on 26 November 2011

Shhhhhhhhhhhh. you only get this if you order before noon... GET A FREE GIFT with your order!!! AND, get entered into a drawing to get a skirt for free! Contest ends at noon.

Send orders to

NEW STUFF for Small Business Saturday!

Wow. I hadn't realized that it's been this long since I updated! I have been busy coming up with new things!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, all skirts are 15% off. Really. Saturday, 26 November 2011, ONLY. Order now to get them in time for Christmas!!!

Available colors: Red. Blue. Pink. Purple. Green. You choose the base, I'll fill in the coordinating colors and do the rest. All sizes available starting at 6m, up to 10 years.

AND, because I'm a small business, and I think it's cool to shop handmade, I've added some new things to my line!

Things for BOYS! Because I have a boy, and he's always wondering when I'm going to make HIM something.

Saturday only, as an introduction to our new boys line, get this DOORBUSTER DEAL for $5.00!

ONLY $5 for this little Car Caddy - made especially for the little (or big) boys in your life! This caddy carries 6 cars to church, in the car, to Grandma's - wherever you travel and need to keep your boy entertained. Comes with a starter car - you supply the rest! (Regular price: $7.00)


This Boy's Entertainment Packet travels with you on all your road trips. In a handy carrying case, with colored pencils, cars (complete with a road to drive on), paper to draw with and a book to read, your boy will be entertained without electronics on a trip!

Packet comes complete with colored pencils, paper, a children's book and 1 car. (Parking slots for 4 cars).  Door Buster price valid ONLY on 26 November 2011: $15.00. Regular price - $25.00.

Girl's Entertainment Packet contains paper dolls, paper and pencils. Door Buster price: $15.00. Regular price - $25.00.

Specify initial or cars on front of packet. Order a "fill your own" packet for $15.00. Same price, all the time. I supply the packet, you supply the innards.

For the older children in your life, order a PEN PAL Packet. Same handy carrying case as the activity packets, geared for older children. Contains 3 pens, 1 book of stamps, envelopes and stationery. $25.00. They'll learn to love writing and corresponding with relatives and friends!

And if it doesn't get better, APRONS now available! Three sizes: Small, Medium and Large for children - MOMMY Size for matching! Children's aprons are $20 each, Mommy's apron is $30.  Make Mine Matching for $40.00. Available colors: Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green. (Pardon the photo - this particular apron is part of a matching set that my girls are getting for Christmas, so my son was the reluctant model - and he's in his pajamas.)

Also available: Crayon Caddies. Complete with Crayons. $7.00 each. Colors vary. Perfect for keeping crayons off the car floor or the bottom of your diaper bag... I mean, purse! (sorry, no photo available)

SO, if you're still reading this, here's the rundown.

Car Caddies - Doorbuster Price: $5.00, regular price: $7.00
Boy's or Girl's Entertainment Packet: Doorbuster Price: $15.00, regular price: $25.00
Fill Your Own Entertaiment Packet: $15.00, all the time.
Pen Pal Packet: $25.00, all the time.
Apron's: Child's, S - M - L :$20.00, MOMMY $30.00 - MATCH THEM for $40.00
Crayon Caddies: $7.00, all the time.

Sale Prices valid Midnight tonight, through Midnight tomorrow night. That's 24 hours of savings on Small Business Saturday! (all times Pacific Standard Time)

Send an e-mail to with your order, I'll get back within 24-hours with your total cost. And, as always, NO SALES TAX!!! E-mail needs to include: name, address, child's size (by age for skirt), phone number so I can contact you with questions. I'll send you an invoice with the total and get started on your order! You pay when you get the invoice, and I'll ship it out! Packages are in the mail within 5 business days unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family Photo Op...

Just thought I'd share a photo of my own girls in their matching skirts. Shortly AFTER making the skirts, I gave birth to a baby girl... her skirt to match the others is on the sewing desk.

 Please note: my girls are not wearing the shirts that came with their skirts... they like to wear those with everything else they have!

As a side note: my 5 year old had to be reminded that her skirt was not a work skirt, and she could not wear it to help with the chickens today. She was disappointed that she couldn't wear her favorite skirt... just for today, Mom!


And thanks to all who played at Mother Goose here in Salem, OR! We have THREE winners! Size six winner will receive her skirt on Monday, 1 August - check back for a photo of her skirt.

Size 6 months and size nine... please contact me as soon as possible to receive your skirts!

And check back next Wednesday to see the latest trend: MATCHING COUSIN SKIRTS!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Going to the Goose...

Mother Goose, that is!

If you're in the Salem, OR area tomorrow - (15 July) and Saturday (16 July), stop by Mother Goose on South Commercial! They're celebrating two years of great business, and PRINCESSES IN OVERALLS is part of their raffle! Enter for a chance to win one of three skirts.

And stop by frequently - I'll have skirts there to purchase... no waiting for a skirt - no choosing colors. All you'll need to do is choose the size you need!

So... Tomorrow. 9:30 AM. South Commercial across from Winco, right next to Goodwill. Stop at Mother Goose Resale Store for a chance to win.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Link to Shopping on Etsy...

This might come in handy to all of you who really want to check out our new store on Etsy!

Check us out - pass this on!

Please keep in mind that the photos are all samples of skirts. Fabric may or may not be available if you decide that you want one EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE!  Some skirts can be replicated, others depend on fabric availability.

Guess Who's on ETSY NOW?!?!?!?

Pretty obvious. It's ME! Sure, there are lots of other people on Etsy also, but Princess In Overalls is FINALLY on ETSY with the ability to order and shop and PAY for your order there! Of course, if you want the specials, you'll still have to keep looking HERE... or on Facebook if you have that option.

Just finished THREE matching skirts for Easter for my girls (o.k. so really I finished them two days after Easter, but I'm just now getting around to telling you about them.) They're turquoise. And purple. And pink. And absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for pictures. Those are still in the camera.

I am still taking orders, and still making skirts. Summer is coming, and these skirts are adorable with a pair of leggings and sandals and a cute short sleeved shirt or tank top... and for fancier wear, a short cardigan is the perfect match! For those who prefer cowboy boots, that's my daughter's choice of footwear, and they're perfect with the skirts. Keep checking back for photos! I promise to have them up within the next day or two (or three depending if I have a baby in the next few days.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going GREEN for the Week...

Don't Kiss Me, I'm really NOT Irish. And I'm not wearing anything Green. I freely Admit it. I MIGHT wear something Green on St. Patty's day - or make something green for dinner or maybe even cook up some Corned Beef and Cabbage - If I can stand the smell...

However... In honor of ST. PATRICK'S Day, I'm putting ALL GREEN based skirts on sale until Friday, 18th March at MIDNIGHT! "IRISH" will get you 10% off AND FREE SHIPPING! (savings dependent on size of skirt...)

Send and e-mail to with the size of the skirt and the base color; put IRISH in the subject heading to get the discount, and I'll shoot you back a reply with your grand total and a date of delivery!

Get your order in now; this sale won't last!

Pass this on to all your friends... especially the ones with cute girls who like to spin in fun skirts!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Madeline's Skirt

This is a skirt I made for my neice... her favorite color is Turquoise. I added the maroon to accent the subtle splash in the pattern of the skirt.

Olive Oyle... The NEWEST member of the PIO Family!

This is one of my favorite skirts... and my husband's personal favorite! This particular skirt was made in a size 7, but can be made for any size princess! Colors in this skirt are olive green, light orange, and hot pink. If you want this skirt, specify "OLIVE OYLE" in colors...

Monday, February 14, 2011


OOPS. Since this was supposed to post at MIDNIGHT, this sale has been extended until midnight TOMORROW!!!

ON SALE NOW! All skirts with a base color of Pink, Purple or Red are NOW 10% off with FREE SHIPPING!

Order now, so that your skirt can be there by this weekend!

Contact me at if you have questions or to order!

Order information needed: age of girl. Your address. Your phone number. Color of skirt. Ordering is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Place one now!

Remember... this sale won't last!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Introductory SALE!!!

As an introductory price, for the next two weeks, all skirts size 7 years down to 2T will be at $35 - including shipping. Skirts 6M - 24 M will be $25 - including shipping. Skirts 8 year - 10 year will be $42 (also including shipping!) - Get in on this deal: NOW - prices won't last!!!

Regular prices are as follows:
6m - 18m: $30.00
18m - 2T: $35.00
3T - 4T: $37.00
5Y - 6Y: $40.00
7Y: $43.00
8Y: $46.50
9Y - 10Y: $49.95

All skirts are machine wash cold, iron as needed - who wants to take children's clothes to the dry cleaners?!?!?! They come with a coordinating t-shirt (so you don't have to dig for a shirt that matches...) and are shipped via USPS.

To order, please send an e-mail to with a color choice (Pink, HOT Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red... etc.) Fabrics may not be the same as pictured in sample skirts due to fabric availability. I also need to know how old your little "Princess" is and her waist size - if you know it.

This sale will end on February 7, 2011. All orders placed on or before that date will receive the sale price!

Looking forward to sewing for your little ones!!!

(Watch for a special VALENTINES sale coming ONLY 14 February 2011... Details to follow!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Skirts for 6-12M

I made this adorable skirt for my little one... she loves to chew on the hem.
(I made a matching one for my 9 year old... she wears it constantly!)

All Princess In Overalls skirts are 100% cotton and handmade. They are machine washable in COLD water,  iron as needed. Skirts are made of 4 or 5 different fabrics, making them a very full skirt. I think if it wasn't for laundry days, my girls would wear their skirts 24/7!  Skirts come with a coordinating t-shirt. I make the skirts a little longer than the pattern suggests so that children can wear them longer than 3 weeks!

Please e-mail for prices, as they vary dependent on the size.

To order, please send an e-mail with your little girl's favorite color (or the color you want her to wear), her waist size - if known, and her age. If she is taller or smaller than average for her age, please let me know what size she normally wears and order accordingly. Sizes are based upon age rather than typical sizes you'd find at another clothing boutique.


Princesses In Overalls! A Children's Boutique featuring clothing and toys and other fun things for children ages 10 and younger (and some who are older than that too!).

Princesses In Overalls specializes in modest skirts for girls, cowboy vests for boys, and toys for children specially made by Andrew Stahr Specialty Woodworking. This business is family owned and operated, and got started because too many other people told me how adorable the skirts I made for my own girls were.

To place an order, please let me know the age of your child, a base color (Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Green... you get the picture!) and waist size. Pictures and Prices HERE - the website is not fully functional yet, but will be completely operational by 1 March 2011!

Fabric colors and sample photos coming soon!!!