Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guess Who's on ETSY NOW?!?!?!?

Pretty obvious. It's ME! Sure, there are lots of other people on Etsy also, but Princess In Overalls is FINALLY on ETSY with the ability to order and shop and PAY for your order there! Of course, if you want the specials, you'll still have to keep looking HERE... or on Facebook if you have that option.

Just finished THREE matching skirts for Easter for my girls (o.k. so really I finished them two days after Easter, but I'm just now getting around to telling you about them.) They're turquoise. And purple. And pink. And absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for pictures. Those are still in the camera.

I am still taking orders, and still making skirts. Summer is coming, and these skirts are adorable with a pair of leggings and sandals and a cute short sleeved shirt or tank top... and for fancier wear, a short cardigan is the perfect match! For those who prefer cowboy boots, that's my daughter's choice of footwear, and they're perfect with the skirts. Keep checking back for photos! I promise to have them up within the next day or two (or three depending if I have a baby in the next few days.)

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