Friday, June 8, 2012

Princesses Got a Makeover!

So... Here's the long talked about (o.k., so I know 24 hours isn't really THAT long, but hey. It's longer than 22.) update to the Princesses in Overalls business.

First: I'm BACK in business! January saw our house under water, putting an immediate halt to any and all sewing and/or craft things I might have wanted to do. For cryin' out loud! We live on a hill!!! All the rain we had in January should have tipped me off to possible flooding though. We were on "water watch" for three months.

And now that I'm no longer worried about water in my crafting area or in my basement, I'm ready to resume business!

Now to the Brass Tacks of it all:

Skirts are no longer going to be a "you tell me and I'll design around it" option.

You can pick from the following colors:
Blue. Green. Pink. Orange. Red. Yellow. Purple. Turquoise. Black and White.

And I'll make a skirt from there. You can still pick your own size. It seems to work better that way.

Skirt sizes still start at 6 months, but now they go all the way up to MOM! Yay! You can now match the cool kids! I still need some measurements, but Mom's can now choose from a WRAP SKIRT ($75.00) or from the Swirly Twirly Skirt ($50.00). Wraps are Wreversible. And very cool. Wraps also take a little longer to make, so they're a little more monies. Still, very worth it. I wear mine all the time.

Princesses in Overalls is now offering PAPER BAG JOURNALS! Very cool, very fun, very full of pockets to hold vacation mementos!

AND... Shake, Rattle and Roll with handmade toys by Andrew Stahr Specialty Woodworking. Custom Changing Tables and Other Furniture also available. You can see some of his work at I will PERSONALLY vouch for his work. He's A.Maz.Ing. 

I've partnered with a local author and my friend, Angie Eller to offer her amazing book in my activity kits - now your Princesses can Color in Style! We will also have Crayon Rolls at Mother Goose in Salem, Oregon.

July is shaping up to be a super busy month for me, so PLEASE get your orders to me quickly; I want to make sure you have what you need BEFORE it becomes crisis.

Questions? Please send an e-mail to
Orders? Send a message via Facebook, E-mail, or telephone.
Want Matching? Discounts available dependent on how many skirts you get!

My apologies for such a long break. I promise to break out the camera for some photos soon, and the sewing machine for some new skirts even sooner!

Until then... Happy Spinning! Linda

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