Friday, January 28, 2011

Introductory SALE!!!

As an introductory price, for the next two weeks, all skirts size 7 years down to 2T will be at $35 - including shipping. Skirts 6M - 24 M will be $25 - including shipping. Skirts 8 year - 10 year will be $42 (also including shipping!) - Get in on this deal: NOW - prices won't last!!!

Regular prices are as follows:
6m - 18m: $30.00
18m - 2T: $35.00
3T - 4T: $37.00
5Y - 6Y: $40.00
7Y: $43.00
8Y: $46.50
9Y - 10Y: $49.95

All skirts are machine wash cold, iron as needed - who wants to take children's clothes to the dry cleaners?!?!?! They come with a coordinating t-shirt (so you don't have to dig for a shirt that matches...) and are shipped via USPS.

To order, please send an e-mail to with a color choice (Pink, HOT Pink, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Red... etc.) Fabrics may not be the same as pictured in sample skirts due to fabric availability. I also need to know how old your little "Princess" is and her waist size - if you know it.

This sale will end on February 7, 2011. All orders placed on or before that date will receive the sale price!

Looking forward to sewing for your little ones!!!

(Watch for a special VALENTINES sale coming ONLY 14 February 2011... Details to follow!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Skirts for 6-12M

I made this adorable skirt for my little one... she loves to chew on the hem.
(I made a matching one for my 9 year old... she wears it constantly!)

All Princess In Overalls skirts are 100% cotton and handmade. They are machine washable in COLD water,  iron as needed. Skirts are made of 4 or 5 different fabrics, making them a very full skirt. I think if it wasn't for laundry days, my girls would wear their skirts 24/7!  Skirts come with a coordinating t-shirt. I make the skirts a little longer than the pattern suggests so that children can wear them longer than 3 weeks!

Please e-mail for prices, as they vary dependent on the size.

To order, please send an e-mail with your little girl's favorite color (or the color you want her to wear), her waist size - if known, and her age. If she is taller or smaller than average for her age, please let me know what size she normally wears and order accordingly. Sizes are based upon age rather than typical sizes you'd find at another clothing boutique.


Princesses In Overalls! A Children's Boutique featuring clothing and toys and other fun things for children ages 10 and younger (and some who are older than that too!).

Princesses In Overalls specializes in modest skirts for girls, cowboy vests for boys, and toys for children specially made by Andrew Stahr Specialty Woodworking. This business is family owned and operated, and got started because too many other people told me how adorable the skirts I made for my own girls were.

To place an order, please let me know the age of your child, a base color (Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Green... you get the picture!) and waist size. Pictures and Prices HERE - the website is not fully functional yet, but will be completely operational by 1 March 2011!

Fabric colors and sample photos coming soon!!!