Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pick a Random Prize Winner

It's "Pick a Random Prize Winner Month!" Merry Christmas, to YOU!

Three ways to win:
1. Become a follower on the blog.
2. Become a fan on facebook.
3. Do either one or two, and PLACE AN ORDER! (Placing an order gets you three chances to win...)

Our first winner was Christy W. from Alaska! She won an Exploding Photo Box (not pictured or offered for sale).

There are two other winners, but they won't be announced until after Christmas to protect "Santa"...

So... fun prizes, fun things to win!

ALSO: Be the 100th follower, and win a prize! Both HERE and on Facebook! Two chances to win there...

It's beginning to get closer to Christmas - to ensure Christmas delivery, the final day to order without a rush (there is an additional fee for rushing things), is December 10th. (That's two days, people...)

Merry Christmas!

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